Peach and stone
fruit character.

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 36 × 9 × 9 cm


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Formed by nature’s energy to create much of Australia’s ancient landscape. Contains elements of Australian sunshine, earth, water and passion, encapsulated in a bottle. High quality wines crafted to provide an unforgettable wine experience for you. Wine of Australia.

Love note that appears on label —

What a time to be alive. I wish you were here, almost as much as I wish I was there. It’s chardy o’clock somewhere, so let’s party like it’s 2019. If there was
ever a time to be glass-half-full, this year is it. But why stop at half full? No one is checking. Here’s to you my friend, and here’s to life. This wine may not fix everything, but it’s worth a shot. I can’t wait to touch your face again. In the meantime, chin up, and chin chin.

Love note that appears on label —

Look I know I don’t always say the right thing, or do the right thing, or wear the right thing, or really get much right, but I really made an effort here. I asked a wine expert and they said you can’t go wrong with a chardonnay. They asked if you like aromatics of something or other – I said… sure! They asked if you like subtle hints of something else – I said… who doesn’t! Anyway, I hope you like it. I tried my best.

Love note that appears on label —

A spectacular human deserves a spectacular wine. Prepare yourself for a brilliant colour, for breathtaking aromatics, frankly astonishing levels of deliciousness. You will also detect hints (magnificent hints) of wonderment on palate and a finish which is nothing less than earth-shatteringly quite nice. Not to brag, but this might just be the very best wine in the entire known universe. So, you know… enjoy.

Love note that appears on label —

This chardonnay is like a walk through a garden on a bright spring day – even better, it’s like a walk through a garden on a bright spring day with a bottle of wine. Spread out your metaphoric picnic rug and enjoy the brilliance of its colour, its aromatics of prettiness, its palate of tastiness and its perfect finish of perfectness. What you have here is a fountain of youth, if only a metaphorically. Still, it’s damn tasty metaphor.

Love note that appears on label —

This is a chardonnay to be thankful for. You’ll be eternally grateful for its aromatics. As you imbibe with every glass you’ll be indebted to its notes of subtle flavour, and you’ll freely acknowledge the contribution of the natural forces upon the earth, water and climate which created its fruits. In short this is a wine to think highly of, and to drink muchly of. Please do so knowing I appreciate you.