uncork your

A little sassy?

Select a Savvy B

An outpouring
of emotion.

This one time, we had to say sorry to our mum. There was no way around it – except, what if there was? What if there was a way to express all the things in our heart without the agony of, you know, talking? Or sweating over an email? Or shopping for hours in an actual shopping centre?

As with most of life’s problems, we realised wine was the answer. A great Australian wine beautifully presented with just the right sentiment and beautiful design would do the trick.

And that’s what Bottle It Up is – online wine gifting that’s simple and smart,
with plenty of sass and damn good plonk.

We’ve partnered with renown wineries in Victoria’s Yarra Valley – the ones with lots of gold stickers on the labels – and we’ve created a super-easy-to-use platform to help people uncork their emotions through the act of giving great wine.

Want to say congratulations on the new baby? There’s a label for that. Need to say sorry I forgot to pick you up from the airport because I had to work back late to finish a project for Tanya? Okay, there’s no soz-blame-Tanya label, but there are many more, just as fabulous.

Great design, snappy one liners, and best of all, a superb wine selection, is all at your fingertips and ready for any occasion. We’re standing by to package and deliver a bottle of goodness. And in the process, we’re helping local producers.

They say it’s the thought that counts. We’re here to help translate that thought into the gift of a legit top drop your Mum, co-worker, old friend or even Tanya will appreciate.

Say it with wine. We’ll bottle it up.

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