Zesty citrus
lemon and lime.

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Dimensions 36 × 9 × 9 cm


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Formed by nature’s energy to create much of Australia’s ancient landscape. Contains elements of Australian sunshine, earth, water and passion, encapsulated in a bottle. High quality wines crafted to provide an unforgettable wine experience for you. Wine of Australia.

Love note that appears on label —

This is an enchanting wine – bright and lively, and imbued with powers which may give its drinker the ability to fly. The sweetness of the fruit bursts through like a rainbow, with zesty notes all playing happily like the best of friends on the palate. You may also detect textures of big adventure, tons of fun, a beautiful heart, faithful and strong. It’s all about sharing kindness (an easy feat) and magic makes it all complete.

Love note that appears on label —

This wine is bright and lively, offering distinct notes of apology peppered with hints of remorse. Fermentation in a barrel of regret creates an undertone of personal guilt, while the sweetness of the fruit leads to a natural sense of justification on the palate. As with any relationship, this wine has layers of complexity. It is drinking well in its youth (like all of us) but will continue to provide pleasure for years to come.

Love note that appears on label —

You got this. Bright and lively aromatics? Yours. A savoury undertone with an intensity of flavour? All for you. Zesty fruits filling the palate? No one can take any of it that away from you. Textured oak elements that provide even further layers of complexity? Legally this is also yours. This is your wine for the win. Of course, while it is all yours, as previously outlined, please don’t forget it’s also nice to share.

Love note that appears on label —

This wine is big, bright and lively. It has an intensity and sweetness of fruit flavours that stops you in your tracks and makes you reconsider your life choices. And yet there’s also a savoury undertone – so savoury, so under, so tonal – that you just can’t ignore.
And don’t forget the textures, the aromatics, the mouthfeel, the hints of amazingness. TL;DR? That’s okay. One sip and you’ll get it all. You’re welcome.