Succulent red

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Formed by nature’s energy to create much of Australia’s ancient landscape. Contains elements of Australian sunshine, earth, water and passion, encapsulated in a bottle. High quality wines crafted to provide an unforgettable wine experience for you. Wine of Australia.

Love note that appears on label —

There’s a lot of what they call fake news out there. These days, we don’t know who to believe or even what’s real anymore. So, here’s something you can swear by – a rock solid bottle of liquid goodness. This Shiraz has been scientifically proven to be highly excellent, packed with naturally occurring deliciousness and one thousand times the recommended daily intake of wonderful. Trust us.

Love note that appears on label —

This wine is you in a bottle. (Not literally.) It’s deeply rewarding, packed with character, extremely attractive, finely balanced and endlessly elegant. It’s inspired by nature, full of passion and a little bit spicy. Okay, so maybe it’s not 100% like you, but you get the idea. Basically, it’s effortlessly awesome, a little bit fruity and above all, just so damn enjoyable. Who could ask for anything more? Friend, I love you.

Love note that appears on label —

Look, the thing about this wine – it’s a lot. Remember the D&Ms of our youth? Same sort of deal right here. It goes deep – you want to dive into that beautiful colour and all the brooding undertones. So much brooding. Of course, when there’s this much going on, that just means there’s more to appreciate. “God is in the details” someone once said. It was about architecture, not wine. But hey, they weren’t wrong.

Love note that appears on label —

This wine is like love at first sight. It hits you. You feel it. You can’t avoid it. Oh sure, you could try putting in the cellar to enjoy years from now – but why would you? It’s just as powerful and wonderful now, so embrace it. Full of fruit; full of earth, water and passion; full of flavour. It’s what we in the wine writing profession call “full on”. Formed by the ancient landscape for you, for now. It’s all good. It’s all yours.

Love note that appears on label —

The making, drinking and giving of wine goes back thousands of years. If gift-tags could have survived that long, it’s likely archaeologists would find several that read (roughly translated) “sorry mate, I stuffed up.” This Shiraz continues that long tradition, encapsulating elements of sunshine, earth and passion in a bottle. All the ingredients for a wine that says what words sometimes can’t: I’m sorry.