Wine country.
Fine country.

Introducing the Yarra Valley.

Around an hour’s drive from the heart of Melbourne lies the Yarra Valley – celebrated as one of Australia’s best known and well-established wine regions. It’s from this beautiful part of the world that Bottle It Up selects its wines, as it is renowned as being home to a remarkable consistency of quality. This is due not only to its history and geography, but to its hard-working wine producers who live and work here. It’s here where you will find smaller growers and wine producers, all dedicated to creating distinguished wines with exceptional character.

While it is designated as cool climate wine country, the geology of the Yarra Valley has led to a surprising variety of varietal plantings, with different elevations, soil types, rainfalls and many other factors also contributing to this broad array. Against the western side of the Great Dividing Range and with a continental climate influenced by cold and wet weather from the ocean, this is the ideal country for winemaking.

Here, winemakers take care with the ecosystems of their vineyards and the surrounding bushland and waterways. This has led to a healthy and sustainable region, which serve future generations of wine growers – and wine lovers – for many years to come.

A well-aged vintage.

The first vines were planted here in the 1830s, with production continuing until the early 1920s when a taste for fortified wines took over. Then from the 1960s onwards, the region underwent a remarkable rebirth, with many of the original buildings from the 1800s restored and the word quickly spreading about this new, officially designated, wine region.

Today the Yarra Valley’s signature wines are Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz, made here in picturesque settings by around 80 wineries.

We chose to partner with select wineries in the Yarra Valley, because we simply believe they are the best. From the beginning, we wanted Bottle It Up to be not only super fun, but also a superior wine. A delight, inside and out.

– Doris, Founder, Bottle It Up